DUI/Risk Reduction Classes

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DUI/Risk Reduction

Certification #10271

  • NEEDS Assessment: $100 - to be taken before DUI/Risk Reduction Course.

  • DUI/Risk Reduction Course - $260 (20 hour state mandated program). Must have Assessment prior to enrollment.

NEEDS Assessment

By law, the assessment has to be taken before enrollment in DUI Program. For your convenience, we are open late every Monday and Tuesday. The $100 fee must be paid in person at the time of testing. 

DUI/Risk Reduction Course

We offer the the 20 hour Risk Reduction Program developed by Prevention Research 

Institute. This is a state mandated program. By state regulation, we cannot allow late 

arrivals. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Payment of $260 must be received 

prior to attending class. Price includes $25 workbook fee.

Upcoming Classes:

DUI/Risk Reduction 

NEEDS Assessment

 For your convenience, we        are  open until 6:00 pm 

 every Monday and Tuesday.    Call 678-425-0110 to  schedule your NEEDS  Assessment.